Queasy Day

Cameron is changing positions – from tranverse lie to head down – he’s not quite all the way there but started the journey this morning around 750a as I was driving to therapy. His first move was startling and a bit painful. Now I’m just plain nauseated. He seems to be somewhat “stuck” although not painfully so, at a diagonal between my left ribs and my right pelvic bone. He is curving up around my belly button and I can feel his general position. OOOh… he just seriously pushed on my bladder – and it’s almost full. I’m trying to hold it b/c Alli has been totally silent for nearly an hour now. I think she’s sleeping and I really want to let her sleep. She needs it. Heck, I need it.

I am watching a very fascinating documentary about Abraham on the History Channel, called Children of Abraham. It examines Abraham’s role as a cornerstone of Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. I love documentaries to begin with but this is the first one I’ve really been interested in watching to completion in a LONG time. Definitely worth a look.

I think I’m going to have to go use the restroom soon. Cameron seems set on pushing against my bladder. If this keeps up I will end up having an accident and that just wouldn’t be good. Just about nine weeks to go – and at least I’ll have my bladder back to myself, right? LOL.

Once all this is done and over with (by that I mean, giving birth and Cameron has finished nursing), I am getting a HUGE butterfly tattoo on the front of my left ankle with some morning glory vines wrapped all the way around. It will be a symbol of how much I’ve changed and of my freedom as a woman, in motherhood. And I wouldn’t have thought about doing this until a few months ago when Alli “stamped” the front of my ankle one day as we were playing in the floor. It didn’t fade for nearly two weeks – even with showers and scrubbing. The butterfly grew on me and I liked the way it looked – providing the inspiration. I hope to still be blogging when I get the tat – and I promise I will post pictures.

Ok, time to run. Cameron’s realllly pushing the envelope here – (and this envelope might just burst!)

1 thought on “Queasy Day

  1. It’s interesting that you’re planning on getting a tattoo! This past summer, just before I went in for what was hopefully my final radiation treatment, I went and got a tattoo. I was going to have two shamrocks- one for each kid- and a “Jesus fish” put across my lower back. I only made it through the first shamrock and I LOVE it! It is a symbol of my strength and power between my pregnancy, ppd, cancer, etc. Painful but totally worth it!

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