Alli started Pre-K last Tuesday so we have officially entered the stage of waking before the sun and going to sleep well after it does in order to get anything done. I am exhausted. So much so that to be completely honest, I forgot about this week’s interview and didn’t email one out as during the past two weeks I’m lucky if I even get to open my laptop before 9pm.

I’m spending quite a bit of time as chauffeur lately. At 730a, I take Alli to Pre-k. Then I return home for a short bit only to pack up Charlotte & Cameron to drive Chris to work. Afterwards, we either come home or go visit with someone. Upon returning home, we typically do snack, bottle & a meal for Cameron, play, lunch, nap, then we pick up Alli at 230-245. Come home, snack, hang out, go pick up Chris from work @ 5p M-Wednesday, 6pm on Thursday, and 730 or so on Friday although typically Friday Chris is going to take the car so we don’t have to get out to pick him up. Tomorrow however, Charlotte has a ped appt.

Today we got the results of Alli’s psych eval. She is ADHD and very very gifted with a very high IQ. No need for further counseling but we do need to keep an eye on her progress in Pre-K to make sure she isn’t falling behind. Medication was discussed but we would like to avoid medicating unless it’s absolutely necessary, espcially at such a young age. So more of a discussing with the Ped about treatment options for now and a re-evaluation when she enters Kindergarten unless things start to worsen between now and then. Hopefully they won’t.

So there you have it. Busy busy busy and exhausted. Oh, and I also have a two hour presentation coming up in October in partnership with the local MHA chapter. I’m excited about this partnership and can’t wait to see where things go with this!

I have to run, gotta try and wake up a bit before I have to be up and running again.

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