Say a Prayer

This past Monday, my mom called to ask if I had received an email from my brother. When I said no, she took a deep breath.

A friend of the family was killed suddenly on October 11, 2008 at two a.m. in an auto accident. Just two years older than myself, he died at the scene after a two vehicle accident. Jason and his mother welcomed my family when we moved to Virginia. The first summer we spent there involved a LOT of swimming in their pool and hanging out with him at church. Open, friendly, warm, and funny, Jason really made the adjustment to the rural country a little bit easier for us “Yankees.” I still can’t believe he’s gone even though I had not really thought of him in quite some time as life has moved on for myself and for all of us.

Jason went on to become a member of the National Guard and served an 18 month tour in Kosovo just this past year. He was also a highly decorated member of the local PD where my parents live. His funeral is this coming Sunday at 2p.m. If you can, at that time, please pause and just take a moment of silence for this fallen friend of mine. He was happiest helping others, something that is near and dear to my own heart. I truly do not have any words left to express how deeply saddened I am at the loss of Jason.

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