Natalie Dombrowski is SPEAKing

Natalie Dombrowski is a brave mama.

I found her today because Unexpected Blessing is listed as a helpful site in a sidebar for an article about her in the Southtown Star.

She has survived so much – traumatic childbirth, hospitalization for postpartum depression, and is now dedicated to helping other mothers through speaking events and her new book, Back to You (available at amazon, by the way).

Her first event is coming up this Thursday and if you’re in the Palos Park area of IL, I would highly recommend checking it out.

Here’s the event info:

Sunrise of Palos Park
12828 S LaGrange Road
Palos Park, IL
Natalie will also be our featured interview the following Thursday on January 15th so check back then to find out more about Natalie and her story!

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