Hanging in there

Tomorrow was to mark the beginning of Alli’s second week back to school after the giddy holiday season.

She won’t be going.

Poor little girl has had a fever all weekend. She’s also been complaining of a sore throat and owwie ears. We’ve been giving Motrin and using Cameron’s ear drops for now and will probably be taking her to the doctor’s office tomorrow depending on what morning brings. She hasn’t been lethargic – far from it, actually. This evening she was a bit worn out but her fever was higher than it had been.

Chris and I are doing ok. He’s been working every day from 8-12n on trying to find a job and has been actively participating in household duties and parenting. In fact, I haven’t even had to ask him to do chores. He’s been doing them on his own. Who is this man and what has he done with my husband? Am I going to find my real husband bound and gagged somewhere? Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving the new Chris and am very grateful for the effort he’s been putting forth. This is the Chris that has been hiding for so long and he’s starting to shine. I pray that God will allow him to continue to shine and continue to get brighter as he goes.

Tomorrow I’ll be driving Chris to an on-the-job eval. It’s supposed to last for three days but we only have his hours for tomorrow. On Tuesday evening I’m supposed to be getting together to meet with my interns at a Meet and Greet. I’m hoping I will be able to go and that his schedule won’t preclude me from attending. We’re having a bit of a difficult time with his parents right now so I don’t think asking them to watch the kids will be possible. It’s so frustrating to be left out in the cold like this. And with Alli sick I certainly wouldn’t expect anyone but family to keep the kids. Prayers that this situation will resolve itself would be gratefully appreciated. I’ve done my best with giving the entire situation to God but man is it hard!


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