Life of a Wife writes about her Second PPP Experience

Over at Life of a Wife, Nicole shares about her second time around with PPP and asks for advice. If you have any to offer, I know she’d appreciate it. I’ve already emailed her and am keeping her in my prayers.

Here are a few of her thoughts:

Of course when I came home things went back to normal. Bill went back to work, I went back to full time mom. So other than getting meds I’m not quite sure what it helped. I see a therapist and a psychiatrist and I’ve changed my meds around a bit because I was like a zombie. My therapist said that I’m one step away from winding up back in the hospital for three weeks this time so that’s not good. But I just don’t have the help.

Anyone that has ever been through PPD knows how awful it is, anyone who has been through PPP knows how devastating it is. If there is anyone out there who has been through it more than once, I’d really love to talk to them, this is an ongoing struggle. I am not out of the woods yet. I have my good days and my bad and people who haven’t been through it can be helpful but can’t completely understand. I’m looking for any advice here.


1 thought on “Life of a Wife writes about her Second PPP Experience

  1. There are many resources at WellPostpartum Weblog- search ‘hallucinations’, ‘excess copper’, – really the whole site is dedicated to alternative approaches that will make a difference in your mood and explain how the brain can end up with postpartum psychosis. It has been found that excess copper helps to produce postpartum anxiety issues, especially severe ones.

    I am the author, compiling other people’s data and work- I am continually humbled at the richness of these resources.

    For specific help you can contact Integrative Psychiatric Consulting to help your therapist use complementary and alternative information in your case. (rjazzar at gmail dot com).

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