The Melanie Blocker Stokes MOTHERS Act moves to Senate H.E.L.P. Committee

Here’s Susan Stone’s blog post about the MOTHER’S Act moving into the Senate. Please contact the Senators on the committee to voice your support in addition to contacting your own senator!

After passing by an enormous bipartisan majority in the House of Representatives on Monday, March 30th, The Melanie Blocker Stokes MOTHERS Act has moved to the powerful U.S. Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pension Committee where it will be “marked up” in the near future.

In addition to adding your name to the state by state listing of national supporters on PerinatalPro, you can email members of the Senate HELP committee at

Below are the members of the H.E.L.P. committee, U.S. Senator Edward Kennedy chairs this committee and is an ardent supporter of this legislation. And Barack Obama was the first presidential candidate to endorse this legislation! With healthcare reform at the center of senate activity, our issue must be heard!

Lisa Murkowski, AK (R) 202-224-6665
John McCain, (AZ) (R) 202-224-2235
Christopher Dodd (CT) (D) 202-224-2823
Johnny Isakson (GA) (R) 202-224-3643
Tom Harkin (IA) (D) 202-224-3254
Pat Roberts (KS) (R) 202-224-4774
Edward Kennedy (MA) (D) 202-224-4543
Barbara Mikulski (MD) (D) 202-224-4654
Richard Burr (NC) (R) 202-224-3154
Kay Hagan (NC) (D) 202-224-6342
Gregg Judd (NH) (R) 202-224-3324
Jeff Bingaman (NM) (D) 202-224-5521
Sherrod Brown (OH) (D) 202-224-2315
Tom Coburn (OK) (R) 202-224-5754
Jeff Merkley (OR) (D) 202-224-3753
Bob Casey (PA) (D) 202-224 6324
Jack Reed (RI) (D) 202-224-4642
Alexander Lamar (TN) (R) 202-224-4944
Orrin Hatch (UT) (R) 202-224-5251
Bernard Sanders (VT) (I) 202-224-5141
Patty Murray (WA) (D) 202-224-2621
Michael Enzi (WY) (R) 202-224-3424

You may call their offices directly to proclaim your support (and you don’t have to be from their state!).

The momentum is growing! In the last few weeks S 324 has picked up additional powerful sponsorship by some of our nation’s most respected professional organizations! We are also grateful to the group who opposes this legislation, because the controversy has catalyzed more scrutiny of the bill’s language, purpose, and initiatives, bringing more educated constituents to our mission and more support for its passage! The bill’s noble purpose is clear to all who read its life saving initiatives.

Many constituents have sent their personal stories which are so inspirational and speak to the unique courage and shared compassion of those who have survived these disorders. The message is the same… they don’t ever want another person to have to suffer like their wife, mother, sister, friend or themselves. They want it to end. With your continued support we will begin to turn the tide this year toward primary prevention.

Use your voice and share:

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