The Best Mother’s Day Gift of All

No, it’s not flowers.

No, not chocolate or even a day at the spa. (although…. nah……)

Seriously though.

I know about the best Mother’s Day Gift of All.

emoticon-1The first annual Mother’s Day Rally for Moms’ Mental Health.

The event starts on Mother’s Day at midnight and will include 24 of some of the most amazing women in the Postpartum/Perinatal field.

From survivors to experts, these women will come together for 24 hours at Postpartum Progress, the nation’s widest read blog about Perinatal Mood Disorders, written by none other than the fabulous Katherine Stone.

I’m deeply honored to be among these 24 women.

We’ve been asked to write open letters to new moms focusing on the importance of maternal mental health. Any angle, length, voice, etc.

Some of the featured authors (besides myself) are:

Rita Arens, editor of “Sleep Is For the Weak: The Best of the Mommybloggers” and author of the blog Surrender, Dorothy

Vicki Glembocki, author of “The Second Nine Months: One Woman Tells the Real Truth About Becoming A Mom … Finally” and featured blogger on with Blunt Force Mama

Catherine Connors, author of the very popular mommy blog Her Bad Mother and contributing editor at BlogHer

Therese Borchard, author of the hit daily blog “Beyond Blue” on Beliefnet, which is featured regularly on the Huffington Post, and editor of “The Imperfect Mom: Candid Confessions of Mothers Living in the Real World”

Stefanie Wilder-Taylor, author of “Sippy Cups Are Not For Chardonnay” and “Naptime is the New Happy Hour” and a regular on NBC’s “The Today Show”

Ruta Nonacs, MD, PhD, Harvard Medical School psychiatry professor and author of “A Deeper Shade of Blue: A Woman’s Guide to Recognizing & Treating Depression in Her Childbearing Years”

So as you’re celebrating Mother’s Day this Sunday take some time each hour (or even a bit of time at the end of the day) to read this amazing collection of work. I know I can’t wait to see the entire collection!


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