Real Life isn’t All Roses….

Back during the Ultimate Blog Party for Moms, I had the pleasure of “meeting” Jess.

Jess is a hip mama who writes what she calls her anti-blog all about her gluten free lifestyle. She’s a self-admitted non-expert who just goes with the flow. Sometimes things turn out well, other times not so well. But hey, that’s life, right?

Jess is also a two-time PPD survivor. Turns out when she stopped by here she had been contemplating writing about her experience. She emailed me with the post back during Blog Week for the Mother’s Act and it got lost in all the craziness.

Today though, I really want to share her post with you. It’s poignant, wise, and informative. Most of all, it reflect’s Jess’ bravery in finally stepping out to share her story with the world.

My favorite part of the post?

When Jess describes some of her feelings during PPD.

“There are moments too when I feel my brow furrow and an aching in my stomach like I’m holding my breath almost.  I am suddenly angry for no reason, anxious with no cause.  It’s a strange and unwanted intrusion and it is certainly not me, not an attitude problem, not a choice to respond to a situation wrongly.  Often it comes before I’m even faced with a situation, when I’m thinking of nothing or doing nothing in particular.  It sneaks in and I’m taken prisoner for the moment until someone like my husband steps in or one of the older kids helps out, sometimes even a phone call has helped.”

You can read her complete post by clicking here.


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