Share the Journey: Release your books!

stack of booksI’m a member of a really cool site called BookCrossing. The entire premise of the site is to “set books free” and encourage open sharing of books across the world.

What does that mean? It means when you read a book that you really like, you then register it with Book Crossing to get a specific ID for that book. Then release the book into the “wild.” You can leave the book somewhere like a coffee shop, a doctor’s office, church, restaurant, etc. The next person who finds the book will hopefully sign into Book Crossing and let you know where your book has landed.

Today I got my monthly update from them and BAM! Brilliance!

This Sunday, I’ll be posting instructions on the start of a very cool project.

The Share the Journey Book Release.

I’ll be encouraging all of you to release your favorite Postpartum book into the “wild” so that it might help another mom or family.

I’d type up the whole project right now but frankly my eyes keep closing and I think I’m heading for bed. It’s not even 9p here!

So keep an eye on my blog this Sunday for details.

Oh, and BookCrossing is TOTALLY free. Obviously you have to register (and Sunday’s post will include my name so you can mention me as a referrer so we’ll all be linked!) They have fancy labels you can buy but a cheap Bic pen and a few words in the front of the book are just as good.

I’m so excited!!!!


One thought on “Share the Journey: Release your books!

  1. My entire library of PP books needs to be set free! When a 5 ton tree hit our house recently, it destroyed nearly the entire library, homeschool and game room.

    My PP books are longing to find a new home- they are sitting on the floor wishing for someone new to love them.

    I would be thrilled to release them somewhere in metro Atlanta before I move back to Oklahoma next week.

    Many good titles are in there, believe me. I did purge some in a book sale, but there are great ones left. I have collected them through ten years of advocacy work and during the building of the statewide perinatal network in Oklahoma.

    If anyone has a copy of my own book they would like to set free my direction ( please let me know…

    Thanks, Lauren!

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