Speaking up across the blogosphere

I’d like to recognize the growing numbers of bloggers discussing Postpartum Depression here at Sharing the Journey. I’ll try to post a list like this each week. If you come across (or write) a great blog that includes a postpartum mood disorder experience and isn’t already on my blog roll, email it to me @ ppdacceptance at gmail dot com.

Today’s featured bloggers are:

Trying to find my way through Postpartum Depression (a newly diagnosed mom sharing her journey! Please go and say hi!)

Willis, Party of 6: Postpartum Depression (military mom shares her journey with four kids!)

Sisters from different Misters (Cassie) shares about “Things I’ve learned from my therapist,” a relationship which all started when she developed postpartum depression.

Jen from Tales of a Southern Yankee (a new favorite blog of mine) shares about her postpartum experience in a wonderful post entitled “Things we do not say”

And while the next link is not a blog, it’s a worthy read. An article from Wales which delves into the postnatal depression experience and encourages mothers not to suffer alone. You can read this article by clicking here.

6 thoughts on “Speaking up across the blogosphere

  1. Lauren,
    thanks so much for the personal comments of support! i cried! i started my blog as a form of “therapy” and didn’t really expect anyone to read it. since you’ve posted my address, several people have left comments, and it’s so nice. i talk to my friends, but none of them have experienced PPD, so to get the support from other survivers is a blessing! thanks for seeking me out and showing me the support i didn’t know i had!
    stephanie (aka. still trying…)

    • Stephanie – You are so very welcome. I remember what it was like not to have anyone to talk to about PPD and how grateful I was to find women with whom I could share my experiences with. I try to pay it forward whenever I can. So glad to be here for you and be able to help you as you journey toward recovery!


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  3. Thank you for thinking of us while discussing PPD. A tough subject, but it must be dealt with. The more you talk about it (or blog) the better chances everyone has of getting better. It’s a family project. That’s for sure.

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