Thank you, NY Times, for reminding me why I blog


On March 12, the NYT published an article about Mommy Bloggers entitled Honey, Don’t bother Mommy. I’m too busy building my brand.

I needed a good hard smack in the face to wake me up.

A good reminder as to why I, an alleged Mommy Blogger, do what I do.

It’s not because I needed to re-frame a pregnancy after a harrowing rollercoaster ride to Postpartumville.

Nah, can’t be.

It’s not because I want to educate and increase awareness about Postpartum Disorders and recognize other Mommy Bloggers doing the same.


What about increasing awareness for resources for families struggling with Postpartum Mood Disorders? Could that be it?

Maybe. But probably not. In fact, I highly doubt it.

Hrm. What about processing the bumps along the road since my pregnancy?

Probable but unlikely.

According to the NYT, I blog so I can get free stuff. So I can pimp my little corner on the web out to Corporate America. And more importantly, I blog because with three kids ages 5 and under, I just don’t have enough to do.

YEAP! That’s IT! SO ME! OH SO ME! *jumps up and down* Wait – how did they know???

Oh wait, I’m supposed to be blogging about how to make tutu’s and scrapbooking too cuz according to the Times, I care about those things.

Ahem. Who do you think I am? Martha friggin Stewart? Clearly you don’t have a hidden camera here because then you’d know I’m a bit more in Roseanne Barr’s lane when it comes to keeping house.

Thank you NYT for the harsh reminder of why I’ve leapt headfirst into this strange land called the Blogosphere.

I had almost forgotten.

And forgetting why you blog, dear friends, is just dangerous.


11 thoughts on “Thank you, NY Times, for reminding me why I blog

  1. Hey!
    I just made a tutu the other night!!! But I didn’t blog about it…PHEW!!

    It’s a very rare occasion when I find the NYT to be offensive and minimizing but this time….GAH!

    Clearly, the NYT isn’t speaking to the right bloggers about the right stuff. And clearly they don’t recognize the importance found in the blogging- regardless of whether it’s about tutus, scrapbooking, cooking, pregnancy, depression or anything else.


    • I agree wholeheartedly! There is importance found in all blogging, regardless of the topic. And just because I’m sitting at my computer doesn’t mean that my children are being ignored. They are well groomed, well-behaved (ok, so most of the time they are), and well-fed. And they LOVE the reason I’m on the computer all the time. I never realized that being a happy stay at home mom who could write would be a threat to the NYT. What a bunch of pansies. Hrmph.

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  4. I blog, scrapbook, and do reviews…ohh I’m a bad blogger lol. It baffles me the narrow minds of people. Oh and I especially enjoy how if anyone is a mom and blogs they are automatically a mommy blogger, I wrote a post about how much I hate that the other day. Way to get me all fired up again Lauren lol :).

    • I am a Mom. I blog. This does not define me as a MOMMY Blogger. *sighs*

      GLAD I got you fired up. ‘Tis what I do! :-) Yanno, when I’m not scrapbooking or making tutus. ;-)

    • I know you blog about a lot more than tutus – was kind of meant in a humorous way, the entire thing is just insane. I mean, really. It’s downright insane the way the Times article marginalizes mommy bloggers. And honestly, your blog came up first when I googled “How to make tutus” and I had a two year old attempting a half twist swan off my laptop when I was writing this piece.

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