Perinatal Mood Disorder Clinic opens in Colorado

The Perinatal Mood Disorder Clinic at the University of Colorado Hospital has been established to help women with these difficulties. The Mood Disorder Clinic serves as an on-site resource for pregnancy and postpartum mood evaluation. Through the collaboration of Elizabeth Brass, MD, OB/Gyn, Erica Schwartz, CNM, DNP(c), director of the nurse midwifery program and Cheryl Chessick MD, a psychiatrist, from the Depression Center the mood disorder clinic has been established. This mixed complement of staffing allows for an integrated approach to diagnoses and treatment. Comprehensive screening for these disorders are conducted and the providers review the risks and benefits of treatment modalities during pregnancy and lactation. An avenue for ongoing community referrals has also been developed.

This is great news for the women of Colorado and surrounding areas!

4 thoughts on “Perinatal Mood Disorder Clinic opens in Colorado

  1. Why be sad for more help in Denver? Especially since it seems the Children’s Hospital program focuses solely on PPD while the UCH includes pregnancy mood disorders as well? I think it’s great to have more options and I’m excited to have an option where I’m already planning to receive prenatal care and deliver my baby.

  2. I’m a little bit sad to see another program for PPD in Denver…..yes, there is already the Postpartum Depression Intervention Program out of Denver Children’s Hospital that is an OUTSTANDING program run by Dr. Brian Stafford, psychiatrist and pediatrician and an unbelievable supportive staff of therapists. There are so many cities that could use ONE program….

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