My Bloggiversary present to you

Today is my third Bloggiversary. It’s been a very interesting three years filled with Postpartum Mood Disorders, Cleft Palates, drug addiction, laughter, love, a growing family and God.

Three years ago today, I started blogging to re-frame a pregnancy after experiencing a severe Postpartum Mood Disorder which landed me in the hospital.

Since giving birth, my blog has truly grown and expanded. It has provided solace, information, advocacy, and empowerment.

But, like any three year old, my blog been screaming for some independence and growth lately. (And aren’t we all a little too familiar with that screaming – sometimes you just can’t ignore it, can you? Admit it – sometimes you give in just to bathe yourself in the ensuing peaceful silence too!)

So here we are.

Welcome to the re-birth of my blog.

Welcome to My Postpartum Voice.

What does this mean for you?

"holding hands" by annstheclaf

It means a lot for you, actually.

I want this to be an active community filled with empowered strong survivor mamas willing to reach a hand behind, across, or whatever direction is necessary to inspire and provide hope to women currently struggling with Postpartum Mood Disorders.

I want us to take full advantage of the social media landscape, to build a forum filled with compassion for every choice a mother can make in her life. Where mothers will be accepted and not judged. A place where moms can come, kick off their shoes, and not worry about being judged for decisions they make in their everyday life.

I see video, photos, interactions, internet radio shows, audio, poetry, fiction, art, and anything else you can imagine.

This community is YOURS.

Let me know what you want to see here and I will do my best to accommodate your request.

You’ll notice the place is plain right now. We’re missing a couple of things:

A logo

A tagline

If you have talent in these areas or are want to suggest aspects of our logo, please do so in the comments.

I do what I do here for you. I’m looking forward to growing our new community together!


9 thoughts on “My Bloggiversary present to you

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  2. This is fabulous!!! Congrats and happy blogaversary! I hope to be an active part of this community since you were such a wonderful help to me personally and my own struggle with PPD.

  3. Lauren,

    Happy 3rd birthday/anniversary! Great new look! Guess this means I have to update the link to your blog! Keep up the great work!!!

    – Ivy

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  5. I am loving the make-over!!!

    Thank you for creating this special place and many thanks to your continued commitment to bring awareness and support to so many women. I can’t wait to see this baby bloom and be apart of this community of wonderful, strong, women!!! Happy Anniversary!!

    Big Hugs and Best Wishes!!

    • Thanks, Kimberly!

      I am very excited about the growth that will be rocking this place too! You have NO idea how hard it was for me to keep this a secret!!!!

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