Her hobby is “helping othr mommys”

This afternoon, my daughter sat down and began seriously reading a Mother’s Day project she had been laboring over at school this past week. The first pass declared me to be 8ft tall (yup!), 10lbs (wow. Can we say excuse to indulge in ice cream all weekend?!), 70 years old (we need to have a talk, Olay!), sweet, and as beautiful as a rose (ok, Olay, clearly you’re doing something right!)

But then, then there was the sentence about my hobby.

My 6 year old daughter wrote proudly in her Mother’s day book the following:

“Her hobby is helping othr mommys.”

Yes, dear, it is indeed. It is indeed.

I need Kleenex.

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8 thoughts on “Her hobby is “helping othr mommys”

  1. Hi I just came across your journal. You dont know how hard I am crying right now. I have been suffering from PPD/PPOCD for 8 months. I cant take medications because I am so sensitive. (I have tried so many) Currently I am in CBT and on Ambien to sleep. I still dont sleep well. Some times I go days without sleeping. I have constant ear ringing. I just hope someday I can concour this demond of OCD….That sound made me lose it! Crying all night probly.


    • Have you had the ringing in your ear checked out? I’m sure that can’t be helping the whole situation.

      Many women are sensitive to medications and have successfully treated PPD with alternative/complementary medicine. I’ve emailed you about this.

      Sending lots and lots of hugs. So glad you found me and are reaching out. You are no longer alone.

  2. It’s true – I am one of those mommys you truly helped when I needed it most. Your daughter is spot-on – and too cute!

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