DAY THREE (via LIVING The Self-Care Challenge, Oct. 6-26, 2010)

I am horrible at organization, often citing motherhood as an excuse. Making a To-do list is on my to-do list of things I need to do. And yes, that makes my head hurt too.

At the end of a long day, the last thing I want to think about is what I need to get done the following day. All I want to do is melt into my couch and become one with it as the TV blares my favorite shows.

Lately I have been struggling with feeling as if I’ve accomplished anything in a single day as most days I am lucky if I have managed to complete a single thought without interruption from one of my children, the dogs, or my husband. As mothers we are so very often pulled in every direction and do not stop to give ourselves time we need.

In addition to today’s challenge, I am throwing my own out there. One of the things I want you to be able to put on your “Did do” list tonight is ‘took time for myself.’ It does not matter what you do – it could be a cup of coffee, tea, reading a book, staring at nature, short 5 minute nap at your desk or while your child naps, a walk… something, anything. But today? Be SURE to put ‘time for ME’ on your Did do list. Then share your Did do list over at the Living Self-Care Challenge page. Let’s get stuff done AND take care of ourselves today!

I know I will!

DAY THREE WOW, you’re back! Hurray for you—you’re three days into the 21 day self-care challenge. If you are like most women, you have an endless “to do” list.  Also like most women, you probably climb into bed at day’s end bemoaning everything that’s still on the list. Most of us don’t make lists that are easily completed in one day. Life—upset tummies, tantrums, last-minute but forgotten projects–just gets in the way! ;window._stq.push( ['extra',{x_wordads_smart: 'render_sas_110354',},] );

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Sassy, outspoken, laughing, football loving, F1 & MotoGP fanatic, self-described coffee snob, and bacon addicted Mama blogging about Postpartum Mood Disorders as she tries to figure out her new place in this world. C'mon along for the ride, won't ya?

1 thought on “DAY THREE (via LIVING The Self-Care Challenge, Oct. 6-26, 2010)

  1. I love your blog today! You’re totally right. Let’s not forget to do something to take care of ourselves today. This is part of noticing the “invisible” things which count. We’re so caught up in externals that we forget how important it is to refill our emotional pitcher, which is the whole point of the challenge. Thank you Lauren for your wisdom. Warmly, Diane Sanford, Co-creator, 21-day Self-Care Challenge

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