DAY ELEVEN (via LIVING The Self-Care Challenge, Oct. 6-26, 2010)

I was born and raised in New Jersey. In the town I grew up in often had luxury vehicles from Lotus, Ferrari, Maserati, and Porsche cruising the streets. We had a Datsun, a Dodge, and eventually a Toyota Landcruiser and Toyota Pick-up truck.

I was teased mercilessly in elementary school for being poor. But the thing was – we weren’t really. Financially things were tight but if we struggled, I did not know it. I was loved, cared for, had food, clothes, books, and did not feel I was deprived of anything (Thanks mom & dad!)

When we moved after I finished the 6th grade to Virginia, I saw it as an opportunity to start over. So I did. Then there was college. And now I have been through hell and managed to make it all the way back.

My self-esteem has been all over the place throughout my life. To be honest, when I first saw this challenge, I cringed. I have a very hard time pointing out good things about myself. I suck at accepting compliments yet to a certain extent I crave them as a means to verifying that yes, I am worth it and yes, I do know what the hell I am doing. A lot of my daily self-talk is just that – I am worth it and yes, I DO know what I am doing.

This challenge wants us to list 5 of our strengths on a piece of paper and keep it with us. Review it daily.

I’m taking it a step further and splashing mine out there for the whole world to see.

1) I can take the worst circumstance in the world and make almost anyone laugh about it.

2) I am an excellent writer.

3) I am rocking this Motherhood gig.

4) I make a great listener.

5) I am very compassionate.

What are your strengths? Go, write them down. Be proud of them. They’re YOU!

DAY ELEVEN Half way through the 21 day self-care challenge! Few things in life are more important than valuing ourselves. Yet numerous barriers exist in your head, depending on messages you heard as a child, to affirming your self-worth. Maybe focusing on your strengths feels too self-centered. Brain chatter chastises you to: “be humble. Nice girls don’t brag. Don’t be full of yourself. “ Psychologists concur that a healthy dose of self-esteem or self-value … Read More

via LIVING The Self-Care Challenge, Oct. 6-26, 2010

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Sassy, outspoken, laughing, football loving, F1 & MotoGP fanatic, self-described coffee snob, and bacon addicted Mama blogging about Postpartum Mood Disorders as she tries to figure out her new place in this world. C'mon along for the ride, won't ya?

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