DAY TEN (via LIVING The Self-Care Challenge, Oct. 6-26, 2010)

This is one that I KNOW I did the day of the challenge.

You see, growing up, my mother was always goofing off. Have I ever shared with you the time she chased me around the house with a dead chicken, making it cluck and everything? (Hi MOM! Are you red faced? Breathe. They don’t know your name!)

And my dad is the Sarcastic Emperor of the World. We used to practice at the dinner table.

I can’t remember a time in my life when comedy was not employed to help us get through the tough times. As a child, I lost a lot of family members to cancer. My mom drove home the necessity of comedy – If you can’t laugh, you’ll cry, she would say. To this day, even the worst days of my life have been punctuated by comedy and horribly dark jokes.

A recent issue found me curled up on the couch watching four hours of stand-up comedy. Yes, four hours. I was some sort of messed up.

I have go-to movies for laughs – in fact, if you haven’t seen Happy Gilmore or Nothing to Lose, I may have to disown you. Date Night is a brand new favorite.

Don’t get me started on sitcoms – Modern Family, The Middle, Raising Hope, Into the Wild, and Community are all bright spots in my week. I thrive on comedy.

Laughter truly is the best medicine.

When I was able to find the humor in my darkest of days, I knew I would be okay. It’s when I can’t crack jokes that you should start worrying about me.

I have even implemented a new house rule with the kids – I tickle them to unstoppable laughter at least once a day. We are ALL loving it! They do not let me forget it if I have not tickled them yet which I think is just awesome!

So go on – get to laughing!

DAY TEN Another day of the 21 day self-care challenge under your belt! “Laughter is the best medicine” is an old adage, but doesn't seem worn out or trite because it's true. Research has established that laughter helps cope with stress, by decreasing the stress hormones: cortisol and epinephrine. In fact, research shows that laughter even increases production of antibodies, facilitating the function of the immune system. Adults laugh only 17 times a day … Read More

via LIVING The Self-Care Challenge, Oct. 6-26, 2010

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