Off the Blog: The breath of life (via Self-CareTips for Women)

When Diane Sanford emailed me the other day to ask if I would write a brief piece about their self-care challenge, I said yes. I love this project. It has really forced me to focus more on taking care of myself which is something I had not been doing a very good job of lately.

I hope you will go check it out and get inspired to join the self-care challenge with me!

The breath of life Today's post is by Lauren Hale. As you read this I want you to focus on the absolute most basic function of life. You are doing it right now. Breathing. Notice how your chest rises and falls, your stomach moves up and down, the air in and out of your nose and mouth. If it is cold, you may even be able to see your breath today. When we take time to be aware of our actions, even the most basic, we tune with what is going on within ourselves and aro … Read More

via Self-CareTips for Women

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Sassy, outspoken, laughing, football loving, F1 & MotoGP fanatic, self-described coffee snob, and bacon addicted Mama blogging about Postpartum Mood Disorders as she tries to figure out her new place in this world. C'mon along for the ride, won't ya?

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