Postpartum Voice of the Year Finalists

Over the past three weeks, y’all have been voting a LOT.

I fully intended to have this post up last night but my four year old had other plans as she got sick right as I finished setting up the finals poll. Life delayed me.

But here we are, so on with the post.

First, let me just say that overall, the group of posts and writers showcased here over the past three weeks are all absolutely amazing. Every single story and post shared has immense value. There is a mom or family out there struggling with EXACTLY the thing you blogged and/or wrote about to submit somewhere. They will find your post and gasp, “That’s ME!” Do you know how totally cool that is to have out there? How comforting it is to come across a post and nod your head through the entire thing – to feel like you are not the only freak on the block with those very issues? It’s immeasurably comforting. You all rock for making the world THAT place for a mom or family going through your very story.

Second, voting is not over yet.

This is the final round. The top post will be awarded the honor of Postpartum Voice of the Year. In the case of a tie, I’ll have a neutral (ie, non-nominated) party make the decision. (Translation – my husband will read both pieces and make the final call. Shhhh. I haven’t asked him yet. But I’m sure he will. If he defers, I’ll recruit another family member.)

Each one of these pieces is unique in their own way yet they all embody honesty, passion, dedication, and a genuine compassion for other mothers who may be traveling along this Postpartum road with us.

As before, please, please read ALL the pieces before you vote. I ask that you vote for the piece which speaks the loudest, the bravest, and touches you the most. The voice which resonates the most with you.

With no further ado, I present the Postpartum Voice of the Year Finalists.

And yes, there is awesome Finalist Badge bling if you want it. Email me, same address as before.


Poll I Finalists:

Based on a True Story Part I & Based on a True Story Part II by Pamela at 2 much Testosterone

Please don’t take my Sunshine away (anonymous submission)


Poll II Finalists:

I’ve got 99 problems but a mommy ain’t one by @HeirtoBlair

The Bucket by @momgosomething


Poll III Finalists:

Post about Postpartum Depression by The Outdoor Wife

My Story by Miranda of Not Super Just Mom


Now that you have read all of the posts, vote.

The poll closes in one week. Winners will be announced next Tuesday morning, January 31.

Good luck, ladies!

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10 thoughts on “Postpartum Voice of the Year Finalists

  1. Boy was it difficult to vote. The women who wrote the posts listed above are all so amazing and inspiring. Truly. The posts were incredibly difficult for me to read, having had PPD/PPA myself. But worth the effort. Thank you so much, Lauren, for linking to them, and thank you to the bloggers who wrote about their experiences.

  2. I am overwhelmed with how well my story has been received. The shame I felt has dissipated. My name is Sarah and I am the author of “Please Don’t Take My Sunshine Away”. I am the mother of a beautiful 11 month old boy and I have PPD. I still struggle with ups and downs, but my son, family and friends keep me going. Thank you all for your support!

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  4. Such an important topic, I’m grateful to see such personal aspects. In fear of being biased, good luck to you all & good luck Kim! Thanks for teaching us all who have not suffered this constant battle!

  5. To all finalist! I am so proud and honored to tweet with you each on a different level. You have all overcome and gone through so much! The best of luck to you all ((HUGS)) and lots of love

  6. Oh. MAH. LAWD!!!!
    The company I’m with? I die! Die!
    I am so honoured and thrilled.
    Good luck ladies and warm hugs for surviving and sharing your stories. You all help more women than you know :)

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