Rally for Mental Health

Hi everyone!

I guess I should introduce myself.

Some of you may know me, to the rest of you?  You are probably craning your necks, trying to see around me to see if Lauren is back there.

She is not.  She has a lot of stuff going on and asked for a wee bit of help around these parts.


My name is Kate and I blog over at Sluiter Nation about being a wife, a full-time working mom to an almost-two-year-old, and I am a survivor of PPD/A among other things.

The first time I posted about my PPD, I was nervous.  I didn’t know if anyone would read or care or judge or what.

I got a bunch of comments I didn’t expect.  And some people didn’t understand, so I posted about what it’s not.

Very soon after this I found Lauren and this blog and #PPDChat.

And then I found the 2010 Mother’s Day Rally over at Postpartum Progress.  It saved my life.

Shortly after, someone I had just met through all the PPD stuff here and there and on twitter, asked me to be part of her May is Mental Health Month Rally for 2010.

A year later, Miranda is probably one of my best friends on the interwebs and I am POSITIVE we will be besties when we finally meet in real life too.

This year she is running another Rally for Mental Health Month on her blog, Not Super…Just Mom.

Most posters are women (and men!) who have dealt with PPD/A and have come out on the other side.

These are wonderful stories, albeit difficult for some to tell.

They are filled with hope and encouragement.

And as my first post here?  I encourage YOU to go fill yourself with hope.  Every day this week.

Start here with her introductory post.

And enjoy.


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