Wordless Wednesdays – Happy Kitty




Meet our cat. She is all sorts of hilarious. At our old place, she was not a happy cat. But here, because we are able to open the windows and keep the blinds open, even at night, she’s able to do what she was born to do – be a cat. Enjoy the fresh air and keep an eye on things, especially at night. These are a few shots I snagged of her last night during a rare moment of her hanging out in the window. She usually sits on a table we have right next to the window for her.

I call these “Happy”.

(And yeah, yeah, yeah… I know, this isn’t wordless. But really, are any of these things every truly wordless?)

I’m linking up with 5 Minutes for Mom today. Go check out some other “Wordless” Wednesdays. ;-)


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