On finding peace, solitude, and solidarity at the 9/11 Memorial


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I began blogging well after the terror attacks on September 11, 2001. Even though the focus of my blog is Postpartum Mood & Anxiety Disorders, I have always tried to post something in remembrance of this day each year. It’s … Continue reading

9/11: Remember. Never Forget.

Nine years ago, our lives forever changed as Americans. Generations who had only known peace suddenly had their world yanked out from beneath them. Yet at the same time, the fabric of the spirit of America was forever strengthened as those who lost their lives ultimately showed true courage and patriotism as they struggled to save the lives of so many. Pause today. Wherever you may be, pause. Reflect. Remember. Never ever forget the tragedies of today. Never forget the eerie silence as every single plane landed and no longer flew free through the skies. Never forget the lives and families of those who were lost and torn apart. And may the American spirit of courage always live within your heart just as it did in so many that day. May we all be blessed with such courageous tenacity when faced with desperate tragedy. God Bless America.

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Never Forget

Take a moment today and say a prayer for those lost on September 11, 2001. Pray for their families. Pray for those who survived this horrific day. Pray for our soldiers who now find themselves embroiled in war. Pray for peace, understanding, and compassion. Pray for conviction to be laid upon the hearts of those responsible for the events of this day seven years ago that they too may be saved. Pray for Protection of us all as we face an ever challenging world and pray that God will allow us all to feel a peace and comfort as we know only He can provide when we put our faith completely in Him.

Remembering Today

I feel that I would be remiss if i didn’t talk about what today means to me.

If you feel that this post may be a trigger for you, please skip it.

I am originally from NJ and went on several trips growing up to NY or Philly. My roots are still up North even though they’ve been stretched down south for much longer. I’m still a true blue Mets, Giants, and Knicks Fan. Yes, I said Knicks.

When the first Tower was hit, I was in the middle of a job interview. (No, didn’t get the job.) I remember being shown into a co-worker’s office to see the online video. My first thought was of family friends we had in NY – a few of whom worked in the financial district of¬† NY. My cousin also went into NY just about everyday for school. As I drove home, I wasn’t really at the wheel. Somehow I got home. And when I did, I turned on CNN and just sat there, dazed. I SAW the second plane hit in real time. It was then I realized along with the rest of the world we were indeed being attacked and let me tell you – I had never been more scared of anything. Later that same day, my now husband and I were outside trying to get my car started. We realized there was an eeriness to the world – and then we pinpointed that eeriness. No planes. Just as when you are injured, you don’t realize how attached to everything else the spot of injury is until it isn’t working properly. Growing up, we had never lived a day without planes flying overhead.

After 9/11, I wanted to go to NY. I wanted to help, to do something. I was angry, and felt helpless – much like the rest of America. I didn’t go – I’m sorry to say, but God clearly had other plans for me.

We discovered at our wedding that my cousin had been on the train headed into NY that day and had watched everything happen from right across the river. And yet another family friend had been in the towers the DAY BEFORE! God works in mysterious ways.

If you have read this post, please pause for a moment – Remember the heroes who sacrificed their lives, Remember the victims who were so carelessly murdered that day. And Remember the Families who were so tragically affected by the events of that day. Keep them in your hearts and your prayers. And never forget.