Friday Soother: Emerson and the Sea

Sunrise in Norfolk, VA taken by Lauren Hale with HTC Hero


I do not count the hours I spend in wandering by the sea.

~Ralph Waldo Emerson~



Today, for the first time in years, my toes and the Atlantic Ocean made contact.

I grew up on the Jersey Shore (NO, not THAT Jersey Shore – mention it again and I’m a send someone with a whole lotta vowels in their last name your way) just mere seconds away from the ocean. I suffered from perma-tan as a result of spending almost every waking minute on the sands of the beach during summers at my grandmother’s house.

We had a routine – we’d hang out, then eat cream cheese and jelly sandwiches on toast while watching The Price is Right (with Bob, not this new guy, Drew). We’d pack up the station wagon after the show was over to glide the 5 measly blocks to the ocean. Hot metal car seatbelts do NOT feel good against young skin, lemme tell you what. Then, we’d slather on sunscreen and go running smack dab into the ocean.

The afternoon always passed too quickly in squeals of delight, screams of fear after stings of jellyfish, and whoops of joy as huge waves carried our brave bodies toward shore, hurling us unfailingly into the hard sand underneath the soft water. We’d laugh, get up, and run smack dab back into the ocean all over again.

The grandmother with whom I spent all that time with at the beach, at the Atlantic Ocean, is now a part of the ocean. She passed away well over 10 years ago and her ashes were spread in the Atlantic.


Today I said hello.


Tomorrow I will run with glee smack dab into the ocean to give her the biggest damned hug of my life.

I am home.

Friday Soother: Confucius at the beach


"Wave" by esther** @


Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall.


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Friday Soother 05.21.10: Charlotte Bronte goes to the beach

"Leave" by BigGolf @ flickr

“I am no bird; and no net ensnares me; I am a free human being with an independent will.”

~Charlotte Bronte~

All that’s missing is me! (that’s the universal ME)

Can’t you just feel the warm waves crashing over your toes as they dig into the cool sand?

I can!

Welcome to Friday’s Soothers!

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