Take Your Award and SHOVE IT

I received an email this morning informing me my blog had been chosen, after careful review by a panel of expert judges, for “excellence due to the contribution its top editorial offers the depression world.”

I’m already skeptical because well, I don’t know the sender.

Then, the second paragraph begins and it gets better. Oh yes, it does.

The award comes from none other than an online pharmaceutical company.

RIGHT. Like I’m gonna link to an online pharmaceutical company from THIS blog because yanno, I have no ethics and it’s clear this is now a marketing ploy to gain more consumers and yadda yadda yadda.

But then, oh then, I decide to go check out the website with my “award” on it. It’s there I find this lovely little nugget once I get to the listing of my blog:

First of all, and correct me if I’m wrong but…when you’re giving someone an award (unless it’s a Roast on Comedy Central), it’s a bit “off-putting” to insult the person to whom you’re giving the award, yes?

Also, there’s a reason my blog is plain visually, thank you very much. It’s because here? Here the WORDS are what matter. Not the graphics, not the bling, not the whatever the hell else this person obviously requires of a blog in order for it not to be “off-putting.” For the record, that header up there? I designed it myself, as is the case with most of the graphics you find throughout my site. And no, I’m not a professional, don’t claim to be but I have been paid for graphics in the past and frankly, am of the school of “less is more.” Clearly this person is of the school which thinks “more is never enough.”

I don’t care if your website has been featured in a zillion places with a zillion readers and endorsed by organizations with a ton of credibility. You clearly don’t give a flying eff about anyone but yourself and increasing your bottom line. Also? You didn’t read much of my blog because if you had, you would know I call people out for this crap – marketing ploys which prey on those with mental health issues ALL.THE.TIME.

So no, I don’t want your stinking award. I don’t want the insults associated with it and I am quite comfortable with the appearance of my blog right now. Yeah, it *could* be organized a smidge better and I am working on that but hey, let’s not get ugly.

My blog has ALWAYS been plain and ALWAYS will be thus. I’m not here to showcase bling. I’m here to provide a safe space for women who feel like I did after I had my girls. To welcome them and let them know they are absolutely not alone. There is nothing off-putting about that, thank you very much.


Playing Bloggy Award Catch Up

I am SO sorry I’m behind on this. You see, back in late April my husband was laid off. Three weeks later school let out. And wham. Just like that, my alone time (ie, blogging time) went buh bye!

Lately I’ve been in a horrible cycle of staying awake until 3ish to get things in the bloggy world completed. I really need to stop that. But, life marches on and well, here we are.

Back on the 14th of June, Kimberly over at All Work & No Play make Mommy Go Something Something gave me a really awesome Bloggy Award. It’s a “Mind-Blowing” blog award. It meant so much to me and every night I kept telling myself I would blog about it the next day. Well, here we are, just a few days shy of a whole month later, and I am finally blogging it. As I watch The Fifth Element. At 1230ish am EST. I know, I know.

Here’s the rules:

– Display the award on your blog. (check)

– Mention the person who gave you the award, and provide a link to their blog.  (check)

– Name 5-10 people to pass it on to.

I’ve met so many amazing bloggers recently. This is going to be hard. Especially given that Kimberly also gave the award to a few moms I would have given it to also.

So instead, I’m going to focus on some other bloggers who completely amaze me. I have no idea how they get the strength they have to blog about what they do. It’s amazing. And if you’re not already familiar with their blogs, go check them out ASAP.

1. Cora’s Story by Kristine Brite McCormick (@KristineBrite): This mama is amazing. Her dear Cora died in her arms at just 5 days old, due to Congenital Heart Disease. Kristine presses on with a deep passion to educate others about CHD. I admire her passion, her courage, and her compassionate spirit. Her heart blows me away.

2. No Points for Style by Adrienne Jones (@NoStylePoints): Adrienne blogs about her life as a mom. And her son Carter, who struggles with schizophrenia. Her open sharing of her son’s struggles is absolutely mind blowing. I applaud her for writing and sharing with others. Thank you, Adrienne.

3. Sneak a Peek at Me by Janis (@sneakpeekatme): A single mom raising a son who requires 24/7 supervision due to several medical reasons, Janis openly shares her life with us through her blog as well as at 5 Minutes for Mom. Janis, quite frankly, rocks. And blows minds on a daily basis.

4. Our Happy Nuthouse by Lisa Curcio (@LisaCurcio): Lisa is a mom of several nuts, one of whom is a CHD nut. Her dedication to all her children and especially her CHD nut is awesome. The fact that she blogs about it and advocates for education about CHD on top of it all blows my mind.

5. The Daddy Files by Aaron Gouveia (@DaddyFiles): Right now, Aaron is facing the diagnosis of his unborn child with Sirenomelia or Mermaid Syndrome. Sirenomelia is so rare it only happens in 1 in 100,000 pregnancies. Don’t click the link to his blog if you’re fragile. I’ve been in tears several times as I’ve prayed passionately for his family as they move through this. Aaron is bravely blogging his way through this and including everything. It’s some of the rawest blogging I’ve ever read. He’s blowing a lot of peoples minds as he moves through this. We are all praying so hard for Aaron, MJ, and their son during this difficult time in their lives.

Thank you to all of the aforementioned bloggers. You may not see it, may not ever know it, but through sharing your stories through the Internet, You are helping others. Keep up the amazing work and don’t ever lose your cajones. They’re saving lives, breaking down walls, and opening doors.