Celebrating through Giving Back: Today – Postpartum Support Virginia

If you were around for yesterday’s post, you know that I’m celebrating my birthday week by shining the spotlight on various amazing Perinatal Mood & Anxiety non-profits. Today, I’d like to introduce you to Postpartum Support Virginia.

The founder, Adrienne Griffen, I also met in 2010 at the Postpartum Support International Conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Adrienne, like all of the PSI volunteers, is full of passion for helping women & families through their fight with PMAD.

She’s done quite a bit with Postpartum Support Virginia and I would urge you to go check out their site to see what they’ve been up to and what they have planned. They’re located in Northern Virginia. If you’re an athlete, they are planning to participate in the 2013 Marine Corps 10k on October 27th. Find out more information & sign up here.

If you’re not athletically inclined, visit their primary site here and nose around to check out their mission, their services, and if you’re moved to do so, make a donation to support the difference they’re making in the lives of women & their families in their area.

Keep up the great work, Postpartum Support Virginia!!!

Tech Free for PPD Weekend

Ok folks, here’s the absolutely official announcement for this weekend!

Based on a dare from my husband to survive just Sunday with no computer access (and phone only access on my PDA), I have decided that if I can’t actively support women and families struggling with PDA (um, yeah – I’m really gonna make it here, folks!), er, PPD, I’m going to passively support them.

I’m going Tech Free for PPD this weekend! I’m asking you to donate up to $1 to PSI for every hour that I’m tech free. (That’s a maximum of $48 if I last the entire weekend)

A donation post with a direct link to PSI’s donation page will be posted here Friday night and if I do well, you won’t hear from me until Monday. I may have my husband update with how well (or poorly) I’m doing.

Feel free to grab the logo and join in if you’d like – the more the merrier. We can all commiserate on Monday when we finally get our toys back. LOL.

Oh yeah, and if you blog, PLEASE pass on the word about this – I know it’s short notice, but hey, a dare is a dare, right?