Ahhh – the irony of it all

I have debated whether or not to post about this but I cannot keep it to myself any longer.

It would seem dear Amy Philo has a blog here at wordpress. Those of you who are fellow bloggers (and readers) know that at the bottom of a post WordPress now includes Possibly Related Posts. Enter irony.

Amy’s prime mission is to derail the passage of The MOTHER’S Act, legislation that if enacted, would mandate screening, education, and further research for Postpartum Depression. One of her posts regarding an article against the MOTHER’S ACT blockers has a link at the bottom. To my blog. To a Post which includes Susan Dowd Stone’s Statements regarding the MOTHER’S ACT.


I love the internet too.

Want some irony?

I got my access back today – and you know what Alli did?

Stole my phone, tossed it in the toy chest and proceeded to lie to me about it for three entire hours whilst I ransacked the house in a frantic search for it. You see, we don’t have a home phone so my cell is my only link to the outside world via voice.

I wasn’t so much upset that she stole it.

Just that she lied to me about it for so long.

But hey, that’s life with kids.

I should know that by now, shouldn’t I?