Toddler Postpartum Song

I’ve recruited my four year old daughter to help me with my presentation on Saturday and so I’ve involved her in the creative process of her portion of the “show” as she calls it. Alli is SO excited that she gets to help me help women (I’m so proud of that!) and she wants to sing a song. First off, I have a hard enough time singing in front of my girls that I can’t believe I agreed to this. So I asked her what she wanted the song’s tune to be – Twinkle Little Star or Old McDonald. As soon as I said Old McDonald my immediate thought was PLEASE don’t pick that one. Well Guess what. She did. SO I had to sit down and hammer out a decent song to the tune of Old McDonald had a Farm all about Postpartum Depression in terms that a toddler would understand. The current result is below and we’ll be practicing all week. I’ll probably have Chris do a video on Saturday and post it then so you can giggle at my inept attempts at singing to which you’ll probably tell me I did a pretty good job and I should be more confident because I’m not that bad just to be nice. I can take the Simon Cowell Comments, really, I can. I’m not the next American Idol and I KNOW IT.

The Toddler Postpartum Song by Lauren Hale

(sung to the tune of Old McDonald)

Mommy’s got a baby in her belly
And the baby’s gotta come out
Goo Ga Goo Ga Goo!
With a push push here and a doctor there
here a push there a push everywhere a push push
My little brother’s here now
Goo Ga Goo Ga Goo

Mommy gets to come home now
Yay yay yay yiphoo!
So does little brother
Yay yay yay yiphoo!
With a vroom vroom here and a vroom vroom there
here a vroom there a vroom everywhere a vroom vroom
We’re all home now!
Vroom Vroom Vroom Vroom Vroom!

Mommy’s getting sad and lonely
sniffle sniffle go away!
Gotta try and cheer her up
giggle giggle laugh!
With a tickle tickle here and a hug hug there
here a tickle there a tickle everywhere a tickle tickle
Mommy’s finally smiling some
Giggle Giggle Laugh

Mommy went to the doctor
Talky Talky Wow
Feeling better getting help
Talky Talky Wow
With a talk talk here and some help over there
here some talk there some talk everywhere talk talk
Mommy’s cheering up now
Talky Talky Wow!

It takes time to get better
Wait Wait Wait
It’s different for everyone
Wait wait Wait
With some waiting here and some patience there
Here some patience there some patience everywhere some wait wait
Know you aren’t alone or to blame!
And you will get well!