Have you discovered Mental Health Social yet?

What’s Mental Health Social?

It’s a new socially driven website for people with or an interest in mental illness.

I’m a member (you can find me under Lauren Hale). Still nudging around the site and learning the ropes, what with the way life’s  got me running lately – sick kids, kids, kids, and well, in swooped summer break. ACK!

According to a recent press release,

“Mental Health Social allows users to create profiles where they can choose to share information about themselves, post videos, upload audio or photographs, and offer or receive help from like-minded members of the community. “MentalHealthSocial.com was created with the mental health community in mind,” said Wood. “Currently no other web site caters to that community in the same way as Mental Health Social.” The company is about more than connecting people though. MentalHealthSocial.com is also about raising awareness. Mental Health Social will actively work to raise money for mental health related non-profit organizations to bring awareness, treatment options and research to the very community it serves.”

How can you NOT love a website doing all that?

Plus, the founder, Colin Spencer Wood, has Bipolar disorder so he GETS what it’s like to struggle.

So go check it out. And friend me.

There’s not much there regarding Postpartum Mood Disorders yet. Care to start something with me? Let’s hook up!