#PPDChat Topic 05.06.13: When Parenting Struggles Hit the Blog


We all have them – the rough parenting days where nothing seems to go right. We woke up to screaming, grumpy, unhappy infants, we can’t make the coffee fast enough, things that can go wrong ARE going wrong and OMG I JUST NEED TO HIT THE PAUSE BUTTON BECAUSE….

Those days.

The days that we would LOVE to blog about (and some of us have) but some of us are not quite sure how to phrase things to ensure that it doesn’t seem that we’re ungrateful for our little ones although they’re driving us off the cliffs of insanity at the moment.

How do we balance the fine art of discharging our frustrations about the difficult stuff and still seeming to be grateful for the amazing little creatures with whom we have been blessed?

That’s what today’s topic focuses on – the challenges of discussing the parenting struggles -honestly- without seeming to be ungrateful for the joy that goes along with these struggles.

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