Happy to be back!

I had an absolutely wonderful weekend and am thrilled to report that I stayed away from the internet and my computer all weekend long.

It was difficult and I really did have withdrawals – the worst being first thing in the morning when I took the dogs out – because I usually check my email on my PDA while I’m outside with them so I have a general idea of what my tasks are for the day.

I’ll post a more detailed account later as the girls are in the floor playing and I want to get down there with them.

For those of you who pledged for the weekend or are planning to donate and didn’t post, the grand total stands at $40. I probably got a total of eight hours of sleep this weekend and well, it just wouldn’t be fair to make you pay for time I was asleep and guaranteed NOT to get on the internet, now would it? After all, the hard part was while I was awake… and let me just say that I am GLAD to be out of that daggum closet. The flashlight faded pretty quickly and I ate the keyboard. ;-)

At least I didn’t spontaneously combust!

Tech Free for PPD Weekend

Ok folks, here’s the absolutely official announcement for this weekend!

Based on a dare from my husband to survive just Sunday with no computer access (and phone only access on my PDA), I have decided that if I can’t actively support women and families struggling with PDA (um, yeah – I’m really gonna make it here, folks!), er, PPD, I’m going to passively support them.

I’m going Tech Free for PPD this weekend! I’m asking you to donate up to $1 to PSI for every hour that I’m tech free. (That’s a maximum of $48 if I last the entire weekend)

A donation post with a direct link to PSI’s donation page will be posted here Friday night and if I do well, you won’t hear from me until Monday. I may have my husband update with how well (or poorly) I’m doing.

Feel free to grab the logo and join in if you’d like – the more the merrier. We can all commiserate on Monday when we finally get our toys back. LOL.

Oh yeah, and if you blog, PLEASE pass on the word about this – I know it’s short notice, but hey, a dare is a dare, right?