MOTHER’S Act Petition Signing Party

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The MOTHER’S Act has been through mark-up and will go to vote this month in the US House. Won’t you sign the petition in support of this valuable legislation?

On Friday, March 20th, we’re asking you to sign the petition as well as share this event on your profile, encouraging those you know to sign the petition!

***Note*** Even if you’ve already signed the petition, we encourage you to sign up to attend and ask that you share the event on your profile to encourage others to sign the petition as well! And we thank you for already signing! *****

If you’re curious about the full text of the legislation, it can be found here:

To read immediate Past President of PSI, Susan Dowd-Stone’s statement about this advocacy effort, click here:

Thank you for your support and compassion for those who struggle daily with a Postpartum Mood Disorder!

Petition in Support of the MOTHER’S Act

Yes, we had a blog day.

Yes, we’ve called our Senators, written them, and speak out daily about the NEED for improved care for women just like us.

BUT… we’re not being heard. Instead, the voices of those who would argue that the MOTHER’S Act will force new mothers to take medication and submit to screening are the ones being heard. The MOTHER’S Act will not force medication on anyone – what it will do is provide the opportunity for every mother to have access to treatment for a PMD if she has one. The method of treatment is up to the mother and her physician (and frankly, if my physician wasn’t on the same page as I was or at least willing to back up his reasoning with some pretty strong fact, I’d find another physician!) and drugs may not be the best route for every mother – but EVERY MOTHER WHO SUFFERS DESERVES ACCESS TO TREATMENT.

Please sign the petition from the Depression & Bipolar Support Alliance in support of the MOTHER’S Act.

It’s urgent that your voice be heard NOW.