Two new studies about Postpartum Traumatic Disorder

I wanted to share these with you. I am participating in both and if you or someone you know would be willing to share with these researchers, please take the opportunity to do so. Thank you!


Subsequent Childbirth after Previous Birth Trauma
In order to help clinicians provide better care to mothers who are having a subsequent childbirth after suffering through a previous traumatic birth, Cheryl Beck (Professor at the University of Connecticut) and Sue Watson (chairperson of TABS) are now conducting a research study on this topic. Women who have had another child after having experienced birth trauma are invited to participate in this research study. Just like Professor Beck’s previous studies on birth trauma and PTSD after childbirth, this study will be conducted over the Internet. Mothers will be asked to describe their experiences during pregnancy, and labor and delivery after having suffered a previous traumatic childbirth. If you are interested in participating in this research or wish to find out more about this study, please contact Professor Cheryl Beck directly at the University of Connecticut.

Investigating women’s memories of childbirth
Have you given birth recently, or suffered from a traumatic childbirth experience? If so, can you spare a few minutes to help with the following on-line questionnaire: Rachel Harris is undertaking the research study at Sussex University with the help of Dr Susan Ayers who has undertaken a great deal of the leading research into PTSD in the UK. The current study is investigating women’s memories of childbirth, to try to better understand what makes some birth experiences traumatic. These research studies are contributing enormously to our understanding of birth trauma so your help is really appreciated.