So you may have been asking yourself – where’s the new stuff? She’s been so awesomely active lately and then BAM – offline! What’s going on???

Well, for starters, I have been blissfully Bill Gates free for nearly 6 months now (I think) and using Ubuntu, a Linux based OS. One day in the not to distant past, my Firefox refused to open. It would open up long enough to load and then disappear. So I’ve been using Epiphany, a no-frills really annoying browser that limits what you can do on the world wide web.

Last Friday I finally backed up my data onto a 2GB USB key so I could reformat with the hopes of getting Firefox and my website design (formerly NvU but now Kompozer, a Firefox extension) back on track. You would think this would be easy, right?

Yeah well, here we are eight days later, an entire day of which was spent without power due to 6.5 in of snow dropping here in Georgia on March 1, and nearly 3 entire days of which was spent without an internet connection due to said storm. Oh, and our schedule was insane this week. Charlotte went back to ATL for speech therapy and had her early pre-K eval, Chris had surgery to deal with his kidney stones, and for added fun, our landlord did some cleaning up after the storm on Friday and burned some debris – the smoke enshrouded the house and I ended up spending the better part of the day at the in-laws because our house is drafty and I didn’t feel like not being able to breathe or see through the allergic reaction tears. Oh, and did I mention the run-in with a trash truck’s drive-train on the way home from ATL? Scared Charlotte and I to pieces!

My poor little Centro has been quite the workhorse and thank God I didn’t get behind in email otherwise I’d really be in trouble. I know it’ll be happy to get a break.

Ubuntu didn’t want to re-install. I didn’t want to go back to Bill Gates land and was not willing to compromise on that. My dear husband has really worked as hard as he could to get me up and running and thankfully he was successful tonight! Still have some glitches to iron out but hey, I’ve got Ubuntu runing, I’m posting here, and all is well.

Oh, and in the meantime I managed to clean my kitchen. The sinks have been clear of debris for the better part of the week. Yeah. Brings to mind a famous quote I’ve seen circulating before: “Show me a clean house and I’ll show you a broken computer!”

But I’m back.

Oh how I’ve missed the Internet on the big screen!